Leonid Balaklav | ILan Baruch

Leonid Balaklav
Recipient of the 2014 Haim Shiff Prize from Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
From an article written about Blaklav by Gideon Ofrat:
“Leonid Balaklav paints with intimacy infused with a spiritual experience of a believing artist.
With integrity and valor he incessantly strives to know himself, while exorcising his demons.
His self-penance and Jewish self-crucifixion make his artistic path religious in depth.
Leonid is a painter who is free from the pressures of contemporariness and its trends, as his dialogue is not with the linguistic innovation but with his own spirit and corporal prison, as a painter who mixes aesthetics with ethics and fuses material-image with spirit, by dipping them in the creator’s painful emotions.
A flawed space of existence of self-punishment and self-reduction on the road to salvation.”
The exhibition at Zemack Contemporary art Gallery will feature new works alongside previous works, drawings, pastels and artist’s books.
Most of the works featured in the show are exposed to the public for the first time. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art will hold a solo exhibition of his works in 2015.

In addition to this exhibition, the Gallery also holds a show of the painter:
Ilan Baruch
Curator: Ron Bartos
Ilan Baruch’s current exhibition will feature new paintings depicting themes that are central to his artistic practice in recent years.
The painter’s realistic language is impressive and appealing, committed to work that is rooted in a conflictual ground (the notion of a place, borders, settlements), archetypical identities (spiritual Judaism, earthly and exotic Arabness, femininity of fecundity and plenty) and juxtapositions and objects that carry symbolical meanings (prickly pear, pomegranate, knife, flag, prayer shawl).
In this exhibition we also encounter cypress trees, prickly pear bushes and other subject matters that in addition to their origin in reality, are also fraught with symbolism.